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The Difference Between RV Parks and RV Resorts

Even though many RV parks prefer to call ourselves “resorts,” they really aren’t. There is a significant quality distinction between the pair, yet consumers who are unaware of this sometimes overpay for their purchases. For this purpose, it’s crucial to research a resort beforehand deciding to spend time there, including visiting it when it’s feasible.

Good Place

Each campground deserving of the title of hotel is situated either in a desirable neighbourhood (secure and close to leisure areas) or in stunning, unspoiled, and serene settings.

Outstanding presence

unique concept

Even though every resort has a unique concept, they are all going to be well-kept, tidy, and in great shape. Since the administration maintains personnel on hand to fix items as quickly as they malfunction and/or maintain them periodically during the day, you won’t find malfunctioning laundry equipment or unclean restrooms at these establishments.

Well-appointed, secured premises

True RV campgrounds feature gates, walls, and round-the-clock protection. To preserve the resort’s aesthetic, many only permit RVs and mobile homes of recent vintage. They include a wide range of facilities not often available at RV campgrounds, including gyms, Jacuzzis, organised events, swimming beaches, in-house dining options, country clubs, and even speciality shops. Bedrooms and laundry facilities are both spotless, temperature controlled, and quite well.

There is usually a centralized mansion that is air-conditioned and opulently furnished with big-screen TVs, plush seats, fireplace, and a restaurant.

Cost variations

In fact, guests at the large hotels typically (sometimes not) pay a premium for this reason. This level of opulence is quite expensive. Additionally, you receive more for your money.

A mid-range campground would set you back well over $60 a night, in contrast to a basic campground where you might spend $35 to $40 per night. The much more opulent campgrounds cost more than $200 per person, although they are often found on oceanfront property or in extremely well-known, picturesque areas.

Options for Entrepreneurship

One significant distinction between regular RV parks and RV resorts is that a number of the latter offer both site sales and site rental. This is unheard of in typical RV parks.

Just the rich can afford to acquire hotels and resorts because they may cost several hundred thousand dollars and come with monthly maintenance costs and utility costs. They can then choose to add vegetation and facilities to match their specific requirements.

RV parks


The term “resort” is thrown about a lot and has varied connotations for diverse persons, but if you’ve actually visited a genuine hotel, you can easily distinguish between the two. Notwithstanding the descriptions, it is uncommon to find a situation where you can book a vacation in a high-end resort for less than the cost of a standard campsite, because if you didn’t have to spend anything, you probably received what you bought for.

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